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Construction work of any form requires careful planning, meaning you should employ a qualified construction company to ensure you get quality services and construction materials. There are many companies around, which implies that you have a pool of companies to choose from for your construction needs. Below are a number of services we offer to our clients across the board as well as reasons why you should choose us.

Perhaps you are in the middle of a commercial construction, office refurbishment and searching for a company that will provide reliable services. Worry no more since we are only a call away. At Thackray UK Ltd, you will be provided with quality services that you can rely on. Our company is known for its plethora of construction services. Irrespective of what your construction needs are, we will definitely help you. For example, we offer help in office refurbishment, office building among other related services.

We have qualified staff that have long-term experience dealing with construction-related services such as refurbishing offices, fixtures, as well as building offices from scratch. Do your construction needs match any of these descriptions? Then we are here for you. During our staff recruitment processes, we often put an emphasis in skills, experience, and qualifications in building and construction. Such consideration helps us to employ technicians who meet industry requirements.

In addition, we train our staff regularly to ensure that they are in touch with the current market requirements in the commercial construction industry. This is all in a bid to keep up with changing technology and customer’s tastes and preferences. This assures you of excellent services from our contractors.

When building or refurbishing your office, we ensure that we understand your needs, as this is important in executing the plans you have in mind. Our company assumes responsibility right from the start, catering to maintenance needs along with any issues that might occur later. With us, you are assured of quality services.

Are you in need of construction services? Then we are your ideal partner. Our desire is to always see your plans put in execution mode and our professionals never disappoint. We are essentially a one-stop shop for all your construction needs, regardless of how complex the tasks at hand may seem. The best part is that all you need to do is get in touch

SMT GB – Phase One Completed

We started the works in early December, and over the last few weeks have carried out the following elements:

• Relocation

St Giles Court & NIRAS Consulting – Cambridge

During the St Giles court project, Thackray’s was then selected by NIRAS Consulting (a leading international marine environmental consultancy)

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