As a design & build furniture practice, we pride ourselves on delivering inspiring workspace solutions for our clients. When you are creating your ideal office, every company should consider the following points.

1. Technology is changing everything and the way we work. How we communicate and gather information, not to mention our mobility. Employees are no longer confined to their desks to get a job done. How does your current office solution manage these new working conditions?

2. What do your co-workers do throughout the day? Write emails? Meet with clients? Exercise? Travel? Organise workshops? Phone calls? Coffee breaks? Work remotely? Who needs what and where to make their working life most pleasant and efficient?

3. Take a look around the office. Do the different spaces reflect the actions of your co-workers? Is their room to improve and optimise your workplace?

4. Making the most out of your floor space is crucial. Empty desks = wasted money, as well as draining creative energy. Transforming wasted spaces into vibrant places will save you money and inject new life into everyone involved.

Based on the answers to your questions, do you have a personal plan for improving your office? We would love to hear from you and help turn your vision into a reality.

As a design and build furniture practice, we pride ourselves on delivering inspiring work space solutions for our clients

SMT GB – Phase One Completed

We started the works in early December, and over the last few weeks have carried out the following elements:

• Relocation

St Giles Court & NIRAS Consulting – Cambridge

During the St Giles court project, Thackray’s was then selected by NIRAS Consulting (a leading international marine environmental consultancy)

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